Dental hygienist- Facts and recommendations

Years ago, the main recommendation of most dental hygienists and professionals, was to make the first dental check-up when the milk teeth growth, composed of 20 teeth was complete, usually when the child turns three. However, the presence of cavities in young children and the occurrence in children younger than 3 years have forced specialists to change their recommendation. The first visit should be when your baby turns 12 months this is based on preventive measures. After the first review, more inspections should be performed, if all goes well, then pediatric dentistry visits can be scheduled once a year.

Dental hygienist facts The first dental visit

The pediatric dentist Boise will perform a review of the teeth and the gums. They will determine if there is baby bottle tooth decay symptoms that can be evaluated as potential problems leading to cross bite, open wounds or alterations of teeth growth. Sometimes that is the beginning of the medical and the dental history of the child. It is time to correct bad habits and introduce early cleaning habits!

Prepare your child

When the time to go to the dentist comes, parents should strive to convey their children a sense of confidence and security. It is absolutely necessary that a good relationship between the child and the dentist exists. Kids must feel comfortable, they shouldn’t have fear or dread since the beginning or else that will be a bad start.

Examine your little one tooth

You should have the habit of regularly reviewing your children teeth. Note that healthy teeth are uniformly white. If you notice spots or stains on the teeth, it is recommended to the visit the pediatric dentist.

Prevent cavities

Even before the first tooth appears, you must take care of the gums cleaning after each feeding. To do this, you can use wet gauze. When the first teeth start to grow, you must purchase a good brush. You don’t need to use toothpaste until age 2. You can put a small amount. Try to look for paste that is especially provided and suitable for children, most of the times, they have low fluoride content. Prolonged contact with sugary foods or the baby bottle can lead to problems.

Avoid fear 

Today, the techniques can make dental treatments very easy. Most procedures bring minimal children discomfort, but there is no doubt that the actions of dentists are always pleasant, they try to make things the best possible way. For instance, some children have fear; in this case, pediatric dentists must have a nice and kind attitude. For instance, they cannot prevent the fear with some unrealistic phrases like “you won´t feel anything” or “I won´t touch you” because it is enough with one bad experience for your child to hate dentists. The most important thing is not to be afraid in such a way to even condition others with their own stories of unpleasant experiences, or threaten others to avoid visiting the dentist on a regular basis.


A hygienist session is often complemented by concrete actions in order to clean the children teeth, of course, dental hygiene is a daily issue, because plaque tends to form continuously and it must be removed by brushing and flossing several times.  It is a matter of respecting your teeth. Many specific procedures can bring positive results. Some treatments can be repeated once in a while.


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