Extremely cracked feet

Factors such as sun exposure, stress or an unbalanced diet can punish our skin. For this reason it is essential to rest using treatments that ensure we have healthy and beautiful feet throughout the year. The same applies to your feet! They are just as important as any other body part.

Treatments Moisturizers are recommended for all skin types, but if you want to improve fine lines and radiate beauty is necessary that you make an in-depth hydration. Hedonai Centers, there are treatments that star on the verge of a fast. This month we recommend the latest beauty treatments, mimes to your feet.

Treatments hydrospannerMoisturizing your skin is the secret to beauty

If you have mature hand skin, this is your treatment. These are based on applying cream hydrant essential oils masks and an ampoule Tersar tensor effect to the feet and moisturize. On the other hand, there is intense hydration through a simple modeling cream which is applied to feet and the neck, chest and feet, then apply a moisturizing serum and finally, a feet mask to give skin vitality and flexibility by reducing the sensation leather strap.

Also found the treatment of Hydration-Nutrition, which makes a reflexogenic massage that, activates the circulation of the feet. This treatment improves the quality of the skin with a deep moisturizing treatment. Last but not least, the purifying treatment, which is made a vegetable peeling, balancing serum is applied, a self-heating mask a more mortifying cream mask. As a result of this treatment you may purify and balance the brightness and impurities from the skin.


Moisturizing your skin is the secret to beauty radiate throughout the year. Stopping time is impossible, but we can try to reverse the effects it has on our physical appearance. The best advice is always take care of our skin every day and be careful with the sun in summer, since this is the main culprit of premature aging. However, for those lost in time, there are many beauty treatments that claim to be able to remove those wrinkles that form.

To remedy this we must be aware of the needs of this part of our body and not neglect a single day. Wrinkles and spots are the two major problems with loss of skin density, which becomes thinner with age.

Against stains on feet

Sun protection is essential to our feet. Ultraviolet rays can cause cell damage and pigmentation, so it is advisable to apply yourself well sunscreen moisturizer. Look after your feet health, you can make it happen. Determine your skin type and follow top tips. This will enhance your overall look.

Apart from the spots and you may have, any granite or wound can be pigmented in contact with the sun, then you have to do is cover the area with a bandage until healed, so that you avoid future stains.

To improve the texture of the skin of the feet, it is advisable to perform a weekly exfoliation, it must be at night, and then apply a nourishing mask. Enhance their effectiveness by putting some cotton gloves before bed.


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