How to colon cleanse- Tips and hints to clean your colon properly

Long regarded as useless, actually contain dietary fiber, numerous properties: soothing the feeling of hunger, regulate the intestinal transit, prevent colon cancer development, and stabilize the rate of blood cholesterol and diabetes.

For you, active women, the fibers are very useful to stay thin, through its effect “short hunger” natural and also because some of the fats and sugars are absorbed naturally shed in the feces without being assimilated by the body. This is no reason to be consumed in excess. Indeed, in this case would have serious problems with flatulence and bloated belly (anti glamorous).

You’ll find in most fruit and vegetables, cereals and vegetables and bread.


A toxin is a substance that creates irritation or adverse effects on the body. Can be produced by pharmaceutical drugs, increased free radicals, stress, drug abuse, are part of normal metabolism, or obtain by highly rotten food consumption and contamination of food (and chemical additives, pesticides), besides the water pollution and environmental pollution.

Toxicity occurs in the body when we have more toxins that the body is able to clean and starts to accumulate, cellular damage, tissue and organs. The normal metabolic balance is disturbed. Although additives are found in small quantities in the foods we eat, it is estimated that a person with an average diet of today’s society, can consume about 2.2 pounds of additives per year.

Vital role

The colon plays a pivotal role in the clearance of toxins. The liver disables many of the chemically transforming toxins and waste sent to the intestines through the bile. The blood carries waste to the kidneys and also clarifies toxins through the lymphatic system, skin (sweat), lungs, and mucus from the par nasal sinuses.

How to start colon cleanse

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Starting point

The colon is the starting point in cleaning the interior. A colon loaded with waste materials is not metabolized or excreted, prevent the other organs of elimination do their job.

All the waste material, increase the growth of bacteria harmful to health! In a normal colon bacteria ratio is 85% of good or friendly bacteria (lactobacilli, bifidobacteria adidophilus) and 15% of harmful bacteria. In most people the balance of bacteria is not correct, increasing the burden on the immune system (defense) and the possibility of disease.

What can toxins produce?

Flatulence, abdominal pain, diarrhea, fatigue, bad breath, constipation and many health professionals linked this problem to diseases such as arthritis, PMS, high blood pressure, gastritis, irritability, headache, fatigue, obesity, insomnia, poor energy, prostate problems, stress, poor memory, skin problems and many other ailments.

The top colon cleanse

A good colon cleansing provides an adequate barrier for toxins, bacteria and viruses. For those interested in intestinal health, we recommend a colon cleanse at least 2 times a year. Starting the program with a change in your diet is a must, especially to help the body in the cleaning process. It is recommended not to eat meat (beef, poultry or fish), processed foods, alcoholic beverages or soft drinks. The diet based on fruits and vegetables is ideal for the period of bowel cleansing.


Drinking water is vital in this process, to help the body to clean waste products and remove them from the body- Recommended 8 glasses of water a day.


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