Paraffin wax for hands – An effective home remedy for dry skin

How to apply paraffin wax on handsIt is important to take care of your hands and feet on regular basis as a part of your daily beauty regime. Hands are not only meant for hard work, you can equally pamper them with massage treatments. Beautiful hands and feet add more value to the whole beauty of your body and also indicate your fitness level. If you keep on neglecting the special care, the surrounding pollution and dirt will start attacking your hands. This makes your hands look dull, flaky and dry. The very best suggested and inexpensive treatment for hands is the paraffin wax hand treatment.

Paraffin wax is a kind of petroleum gel that belongs to the alkane hydrocarbon family. It has a natural white color and has no taste or odor. It has a tendency to melt in low temperatures that is between 47˚C to 63˚C. It also capable of retaining heat for a longer period and can transfer the same to any other object. Paraffin wax has many industrial uses like for making candles, wax papers, candy coating and giving wax coating to fruits like Apples in order to give them a glossy look.

Paraffin wax is widely used in Spa treatments especially for treating hands and feet. The procedure involves melting blocks of paraffin wax in medium sized tanks and dipping the hands or feet into it for formation of wax layers over the skin. The procedure is repeated for at least five times allowing several wax layers formation. The layered hands or feet are then covered with a non-absorbent material and allowed to keep soaked in that condition for up to 30 minutes. Then the wax layers are gradually removed and the hands are treated with a regular moisturizer.

Paraffin wax treatments are more ideal to be carried during winter seasons, as it may be helpful in healing the dry and flaky skin. The treatment opens up pores in skin and relaxes the muscles. You can also add some aromatherapy along with the paraffin wax treatments either in the form of adding aromatherapy oils or using the perfumed paraffin wax, which is commonly used in many posh spas. The wax can be easily peeled off from the skin as it contains oil and does not stick to the skin. After this treatment your skin will look gorgeous and feel supple.

People who have dry skin can use creams daily that include paraffin as one of their components. Home remedies treatments say that Romans were the first to use paraffin for treating muscles and painful joints. Even people who suffer from skin diseases like eczema can use paraffin for hand treatment. The paraffin home treatment involves few simple steps but deliver effective results. But it is not suggested for skin with open wounds, cuts, sores and injuries. Though paraffin is a harmless petroleum byproduct, people who have sensitive skin are suggested to consult a dermatologist before taking paraffin hand treatment. The first timers also consider taking help of experts in paraffin treatments instead of trying it on your own.


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