Treatment for acne- Finding the best solution for acne

Almost we all have acne from time to time and again. The acne is more common in the adolescence but not his unwanted presence not always disappears when we turn into adults. Often we suffer from eruptions of muds during our period or in times of stress. Sometimes the outbreaks of acne appear without any reason especially or at least it we believe.

 Often without realizing we help to which our skin produces muds and blackheads. The occasional acne can be aggravated by the following reasons:

  • Salt- The salt contributes in high proportions can produce muds in some prompt skins to the acne. He remembers that the salt is present in high quantities in the preserved meats as the hams. The cheeses also are rich in salt as the food China and the majority of show restraint processed.
  •  The oil of peanuts- The Thai food, China and exotic others show restraint oriental they use it in his recipes. If you are very inclined to outbreaks of acne it tries to avoid this oil.
  • The mineral oil. Used in many cosmetics for his low price. It has big molecules that block the pores producing muds. He reads the list of ingredients of the products that you use and tries to avoid it.
  •  The lanoline. This ingredient has very valuable properties and is very used in cosmetics. Unfortunately it can produce obstructions in the pores and the consistent reaction: the muds.
  •  The jelly of oil or Vaseline. Used in labial moisturizing agents and some cosmetics. It obstructs the pores because the molecules are very big. You can use her in the lips, but have taken care that it does not spread on the skin of the face.
  • Colorings and artificial aromas. The majority of the cosmetics are full of them. It tries to use products that use essential oils and not harmful chemists.
  •  Care with the conditioner of the hair. Keep the hair totally clean and it treats that when you rinses the hair to eliminate the conditioner does not fall you in the face. If you are very inclined to the acne wash with water her facing the end of the shampoo.
  •  Hands to the work. Try not to touch the face during the day. The hands accumulate many bacteria and microorganisms if you touch the face you will be infecting it.
  • Sweet Dreams. It is all about changing the lining of your pillow frequently to prevent that the fat of your skin that is accumulated in the pillow contaminates your skin.


Remember to keep your skin clean. If you do exercises or you sweat very much for some motive clean yourself the face. Assure yourself that your sponges and brushes of making up should be clean in order that they do not accumulate bacterium.


Not all the points enumerated previously produce acne in all the people. These matters aggravate the problem in some inclined to the acne. The ingredients that obstruct the pores as the mineral oil are not recommended for any type of skin.


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