What is the Best Way for a Heavy Smoker to Quit?

Best Way for a Heavy Smoker to QuitAre you hooked up on inhaling that burning leaf smoke and taste? Do you want to quit? If yes, than you are not alone. Millions of heavy smokers want to quit but many of them has succeed too in fighting this addiction. May be you could win as well! It really does not matter how much cigarettes you smoke, it may be one a day or 100 a day. All it matters is that once you decide to stop, there is no other way. Just take the following article as a personal advice from a former heavy smoker. There are several ways to leave this menace such as nicotine gum, hypnosis, group therapy and others. Different people will have dissimilar methods to work for them.

Remain Steadfast: Do not lose heart, even if you manage to stop smoking for a limited time at first, even for days, then it only strengthen up your resolve. Heavy smokers, a vast majority, are not able to forgo the habit in one single attempt. After failing one attempt, take your time to plan a new strategy.

Identify a Quitting Date: Specify a date and really stop smoking that day. Throw away all smoking stuff and ask your family to support you. Remain in the company of non-smokers and ask all your smoker buddies to stay away for a while. Try to run at a sight of anyone smoking, even on a TV! Smoking in an addiction and the company of other smokers will only increase that yearning. You will vulnerable at first but later everything will not bother you at all.

Say no to even a Single puff: This is the most common habit amongst all those who want to leave smoking. It happens so many times that you take an unintentional puff and you are back to level zero once again. That is why constantly remind yourself to shun smoking once and forever.

Ask for help: surround yourself with those who are going through the same stage. It is easier to share a burden with others who know exactly your position. Get a group session, attend seminars, and listen to guest speakers and former smokers. Several associations such as, in US, American Lung Association, organizes several self-help sessions that help you combat smoking urge. It is a well-known fact that we like to smoke when we have a meal; tea or coffee; under some depression, or feeling either sad or happy. These associations help you fight this. 

Seek a Medical Advice: Several pharmaceuticals have developed some amazing products to help you fight. Nicotine gums and patches are preferred choice of some former smokers. But consult your physician first and be careful! You can also get addict to these products as well.

Exercise: This can never be highlighted enough. Studies show that regular light exercise, such as walking and swimming, help a lot in leaving the habit of smoke. Physical exertion helps you develop some resistant against smoking cravings. Also, smoking increases your metabolism. So, you will mostly gain some weight right after suiting. Exercise helps you not only in burning fat but lowering your metabolism as well. Lastly, some workout can help you release tension as well. Follow these advices to combat against the menace of smoking.


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