Whiteheads around Mouth

Whiteheads around MouthThe whitehead around the mouth is a very common and a very ugly skin condition. The oil is a very common skin problem and mostly the oil skink can face the whitehead problem because the white heads are actually a type of the acne with the oil and pus inside the acne. And the upper side or the mouth of the acne is white colored. You may know that the whiteheads are actually full of pus which is made due to the lots of oil on your skin. You do have to know that the area around the mouth oil is available in more quantity and that is why the whiteheads appear on your face. The use of the too much spicy food is also a reason of the whitehead around the mouth.

 You do have to know that the side effects of the heavy cosmetic is also a big cause of the acne around the mouth and mostly when you used a base or foundation which are expired, so it may be the cause of the whiteheads around your mouth. The use of the expired lipstick or the lip gloss can also cause of the whiteheads around your mouth. The area round your mouth must be most hard area and mostly pimples, acne and blackhead appear on this area of face. The acne or the white heads can also appear on your face due to the use of expired or harm creams and lotions. The use of the harm chemicals is also a cause of the whiteheads around the mouth.

The whiteheads can also appear if you are sued to facial treatment because the facial creams and polishes are made with harm chemicals. You do have to try to avoid the use of facial again and again. If the facial is very important for you, so you do have to do it after one or two months. If you want to get rid of this problem so you do have to wash your face more than 2 times in a day and specially wash the area round the mouth. The dist or the dirt can remove can you can get the clean face. The best treatment for the whitehead is taking steam. The steam can makes your whitehead soft and you can pop up the whiteheads after steaming easily.

This process is a very common method. You do have to apply a light moisturizer around the mouth. The easy and a simple methods is using of the medicines. The doctor can also give you best medicines that can help you to get rid of whiteheads. The use of the lemon juice is also very good for the whiteheads. The massage of the lemon juice on your skin can remove all types of the acne from your skin. You do have to take a piece of cotton dip it into lemon juice and rub it on the area around the mouth. This is the best solution to get rid of the whitehead.


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